Located 102 km. southwest of Manila, Nasugbu is a 1st class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 96,113 people in 19,615 households.

Several bus services provide transportation to and from Nasugbu. Jeepneys from Tagaytay City also enter and leave the town at a scheduled time. Within the town, tricycles are the main mode of transport.

The local government is pushing for the cityhood of the town, which would pave way to make it more industrialised and developed.

According to legend, a group of Spanish soldiers was allowed by their commander to go on a sight-seeing tour of the friendlier villages on the western coast of Batangas. The group came upon a native couple cooking rice in a palayok whose lid rattled over the steaming rice. In Spanish, the group leader asked the woman, -- ¿Cómo se llama este pueblo? (What is this place called?) The woman who knew no Spanish thought that the stranger was asking about her pot of rice. "Nasubo na po iyan, eh, kaya ganyan, (The rice is boiling, that is why it is like that.)" she replied. The Spaniard repeated the word "nasubo" and nodding his head towards his companions, introduced the word to them. The village began to be called by that name. Although no historical documents can support this legend, it is the most common story one can hear when asking on how the town got its name.

Nasugbu had a tourism industry known primarily for its beaches. Before Boracay and other places became fashionable, Nasugbu was one of the traditional destinations tourists headed during Holy Week and other holidays. Its proximity to Manila still makes it a popular and practical choice.

Hiking in the mountains and virgin forests around Nasugbu is also a recommended activity. One particular spot, Karakawa, is a series of multi-tiered naturally-formed rock pools hewn out of the mountain. The smallest pool is about the size of a jacuzzi while the biggest measures about 25 square meters. The pools are more than 6 meters deep and one can even catch fish in the pools.


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