Two weeks ago, Myanmar was hit by one of the biggest cyclone in the century named Nargis. As a result, estimated 128,000 casualties and about 2.5 million survivors still in desperate conditions. Donations of cash and relief supplies were pledged around the world. But the problem, military ruled Myanmar makes it hard for the foreign relief workers and rescuers to enter and help those affected individuals. They are still reluctant especially to western foreigners to enter their territory. Time is ticking and much needed help for the survivors are still pending for distribution. This is not the time for their military rule regime; lives of millions of people are at stake. ASEAN should act quickly and resolve this issue before all the efforts become too late.

A week ago, China was devastated by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter in Sichuan province. Estimated casualties could reach up to 50,000 with thousands still buried under the rubble of numerous collapsed building. Unlike to Myanmar, Chinese officials welcome more foreign relief teams to help them rescue any survivors. The government quickly responds to the tragedies and deployed thousands of their soldiers to do the rescue and retrieve mission. As of now, countries like Singapore, Japan, South Korea and even Taiwan send their elite rescue team to help. This is the spirit of brotherhood and good example for Asian countries especially on this tragic time.

Let’s pray for those who peril on these tragedies.


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