I was surfing other blogsite when I saw the orange logo with a picture of a child. The picture caught my attention so I clicked it and then comes the World Vision web site. Having a passion to help those in need, I read about their profile and at the end, pledge to support them on their cause. Here are some details about this remarkable organization.

World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by addressing the causes of poverty and injustice.

World Vision strives to build thriving communities where peace and justice prevail and all can enjoy security, opportunity and happiness. We work for the well being of poor and vulnerable people through:
Sustainable development. World Vision works alongside the disadvantaged communities enabling them to use their own capacities and potentials so that they can own development process

Disaster Relief. World Vision responds to life-threatening situations where its involvement is needed and appropriate. It seekd to protect vulnerable people amid difficult circumstances by providing emergency relief such as food, water, shelter, medicine and clothing, and disaster preparedness trainings.

Rasing Public Awareness and Advicating for Justice. By increasing understanding of poverty and injustice, World Vision seeks to promote public involvement and government policies that alleviate poverty.

How Can we Help?

A World Vision sponsor can make a world of a difference for a struggling child. As a sponsor, you’ll help remove the obstacles that poverty places in children’s paths.

World Vision sponsors have opened their hearts yo support children worldwide. Yet there are so many children still waiting the hope that sponsorship brings.

Child sponsorship establishes a relationship between a donor and a single child in a way that personalises the challenges of community development while allowing donors to see how their good hearted contributions is making a difference to the life of the children, family and their community.

It only takes P450 a month or P5,400 annually to make a difference in the life of one child (for Sponsors residing outside the Philippines US $20.00 per month).
Your regular contributions will be pooled together with other World Vision resources so the children, families and communities may enjoy the following benefits:
* access to education, good health and nutrition
* values formation child rights protection
* children’s participation in decision-making process
* skills and leadership training; and
* community development projects

By sponsoring poor children through World Vision's Child Sponsorship Program you will be able to give them a chance to have a bright future.

Imagine that by giving Php450 a month we can touch and change other’s lives. I know many of us are capable of doing this. It doesn’t mean that you shoulder the whole amount. You can also ask some of your friends to contribute and raise the required amount. The future of our country depends on these children. Giving them the right care and education today, we can ensure the quality of the next generation.

For more info, visit their site www.worldvision.org.ph


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