This event is celebrated every 24th of June in Balayan, Batangas in honor of St. John the Baptist. Though I haven’t attended this celebration yet, I can assure you will enjoy it. The villagers of this province drench the parade in water, to signify the baptism of Jesus and after that a large parade is held. A procession of roasted pigs dressed in different attire highlights the event.

According to the old villager, lechon was served before the Spanish arrived in the Philippines. The dish became a symbol of Batangas tradition to serve lechon during celebrations.

While the parade pass by the streets, bystanders will drench the participants with water. Bystanders are even free to take a piece of the lechon while on parade. These make the occasion exciting and extraordinary.

When the parade is over, it is now time to munch the lechons, a celebration of drinking and feasting follows all through out the day.


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