Facilities. Canyon Woods was designed to give limitless opportunities for fun filled activities. Its onsite facilities include teh folowing:

Clubhouse. It is the hub of activity in Canyon Woods Residential Resort. The 5 storey, 9800 square meter structure boasts of the following amenities:
**first class dining facilities
**conference/function rooms
**business center
**49 seating capacity mini-theatre
**luxurious health and wellness spa, including an exclusive foot spa and Thai massage room
**gym with top of the line Cybex machines and free weights
** indoor heated pool and jacuzzi
**fun center with billiards, video games, and Playland
**salon for men and women
**videoke bar
**gift shop

Canyon Woods Accomodation. Find a welcome haven in any of the beautifully designed Casitas, Villas and The Lodge, after a day of fun filled activities.

Pavillion Campsite. Outdoor activities take on a new dimension at the Pavilion Campsite.

Chapel of the Most Holy Infant of the Child Jesus. For your spiritual enrichment, they have a Chapel for those moments when you need to be one with the Lord.

Golf Course. Avid golfers can enjoy our master planned par-34 mountainous golf course. You can also practice your swing and be master of the greens at the Driving Range or the Putting Green.

Golf Pavilion. After a competitive round of golf, retire to the Golf Pavilion and freshen up at the separate showers and lockers for men and women. Enjoy refreshments at the Dining Area or replenish your golf supplies at the Pro Shop.

Canyon Woods Vacation Club. Canyon Woods is the only residential resort that offers a lifetime vacation club membership, which you and your family can enjoy. To be part of the Canyon Woods Vacation Club, you can choose from Platinum Vacation Package, Gold Vacation Package and Silver Vacation Package. These Vacation Packages entitle you to the following:
**7 night accomodation annually in a 5 star resort with luxurious one-bedroom accomodation
**unparalleled club recreational facilities and amenities
**nature retreat and breathtaking views of Taal Volcano

Interval International. Canyon Woods is affiliated with Interval International, the most prestigious vacation exchange network company in the world. It allows members to exchange their holidays and avail of wonderful vacation opportunities in more than 2000 international resorts in 80 countries, including the Disney Hotels and Marriot resort chain.

For more info, visit their site www.canyonwoods.com

Canyon Woods Residential Resort
Diokno Highway, Bgy. San Gregorio
Laurel, Batangas, 4221 Philippines
Phone: (632) 521-7878
Fax: (632) 664-6169


  1. Anonymous  

    October 23, 2010 at 9:29 AM

    Dear Batanggenyong Online,

    Here's something from Pinoygolfer.com:

    I agree with that statement that buying a timeshare for vacation purposes only is generally not worth it. It is for that reason that we finally decided to get a timeshare in 2005, specifically Canyonwoods Vacation Club, because they said in the presentation that as a Canyonwoods Vacation Club member, you are entitled to free golf at Canyonwoods. All you had to pay was the caddy fee. So for a few years my kids and I played golf without any charges on green fees.

    Now here's the clincher...in the latter part of 2008, we were surprised that one Saturday when we had brought down our bags and about to register, we were told that were to be charged green fees. I said, "What?!!! we never paid this before and I can even show you guys the Tariff Sheet you gave us originally in 2005 that stated under the many activities one can do at Canyonwoods

    GOLF............Non-Members PhP 900.00........Vacation Club Members PhP FREE "

    Their reply, "Oh sir, FREE po yun if naka-check in kayo pero if you are only visiting for the day, we have to charge you the PhP900 green fee"

    I told the fellow, "Look, the main reason why I bought this timeshare and became a member of Canyonwoods Vacation Club is because of the golf. That was the main factor to our saying "yes". Now you're telling us that we cannot use the facility because we're not checked in?".

    Returning to Manila the week after the incident, I tried to bark up to the Marketing Manager but she would not even give me a quick appointment to explain this.

    My assumption is that long before when they had not yet gotten a substantial number of members for their timeshare, they were very open to this FREE golf arrangement. However, later on, seeing that they had the required member base, a 180 degree turn on FREE golf.

    I still like Canyonwoods. I guess that's why it irks - because we like the place and the idea that there are so many activities for everyone in the family. Unfortunately, this total change of mind from management without any notice to the early members of their Vacation Club leaves a bitter taste.

    As to the Interval International part, now that's a different story...positive reviews soon.

    Just hoping that PGers be aware of this lest they sell you a membership with this FREE golf scheme.

    Link : http://pinoygolfer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=10700&sid=3ba556aea1370daf4ccfb1b47f58c2ab

  2. Richard Macalintal  

    November 3, 2010 at 2:47 AM

    that was very unfortunate to hear. im glad you shared it here. my blog caters all batanggenyo topics, and your post definitely warn us if this is true. readers, check before you sign the deal!

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