Lyceum of Batangas is a tertiary educational institution established in 1966, which envisions itself to be the center for academic excellence in the country and in the Asia Pacific Region. It was established by former Senator Sotero H. Laurel, along with three prominent women of Batangas namely, Belen Castillo, Criselda Castillo and Pascuala Tolentino as a realization of the dream of former President Dr. Jose P. Laurel to make quality education available to the provinces.

Through a linkage with the Lyceum of the Philippines in Intramuros, Manila, Lyceum Batangas was set to reality. In a 2.2 hectare of land beside the Provincial Capitol of Batangas, the first building of the Institution was started with the construction of the first building named the Mabini Hall (after Apolinario Mabini, one of the sons of Batangas). The second building was the Jose P. Laurel Memorial Building, which housed the college departments.

Some of the pioneer courses offered by Lyceum Batangas were Marine Transportation and Paramedical Courses, especially midwifery. Now, the courses have grown to more than 30 degree programs, associate programs and graduate programs.

With humble beginnings of an 800 student population, Lyceum of Batangas now has an average of 10,000 students – the biggest population out of all three Lyceum campuses in the country. It has over 500 teaching and non-teaching employees, who cater to the needs of the students and are geared towards excellent customer service and continuous improvement.

The Lyceum of Batangas also has a sports arena built in the honor of Arsenio “Dodjie” Laurel, with a seating capacity of 2500 and is the biggest gymnasium facility in Batangas. There is also the new Sotero H. Laurel Building with air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories, with complete and modern instructional tools.

With the expanding population also comes the new building located in Brgy. Cuta, Batangas – the Lyceum International Maritime Academy. This new campus is dedicated to the students of the maritime field and also houses the College of Engineering. The new building has state-of-the-art facilities and is complete with all maritime training facilities, including a simulator ship named MV Empress of Asia and are under way are the LIMA Training Office, the Firehouse and the school’s very own swimming pool.

As a commitment to continuous improvement, Lyceum of Batangas is also the first school in the region to receive a school-wide ISO 9001:2000 accreditation, signifying the school’s compliance to quality management standards.


The Lyceum of Batangas an institution of higher learning founded in 1966 envisions itself as the center of academic excellence in the Southern Luzon area. Imbued with the ideals of Jose P. Laurel on God-centeredness, love for truth, assertive nationalism, Filipinism, social justice, and economic productivity, the Lyceum of Batangas pursues the development of the integral Filipino who is committed to the service of God and country (Pro Deo et patria).

The Lyceum of Batangas shall be the leading center of higher education in the Southern Tagalog region. It shall create an atmosphere that is conducive to quality learning through human resource development, access to advanced education; information and communications technologies, and cooperative endeavors with other institutions.

In line with its academic mission, it shall develop God-fearing, self-reliant, environmental conscious, and globally competitive Lyceans in the field of arts, sciences, business, health care, maritime and technology education. As a catalyst of social transformation and custodian of Batangas culture and heritage, it shall actively support an integrated research and sustainable community service program.


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