Golden Sunset is one of the country's premiere resort, just a two-and-a-half-hour drive south of Metro Manila. Located in the historic town of Calatagan, Batangas, it is fast becoming the destination for vacationers and beachgoers alike. Golden Sunset has something for every member of your family: a Serendipity Spa where you can relax and unwind, a Butterfly Sanctuary where your kids can learn more about butterflies and various restaurants where your whole family can wine and dine to different types of cuisines. Finally, the vacation you and your family truly deserve!

Golden Sunset offers to its guests the perfect mix of breathtaking natural features, world-class amenities, relaxing yet exciting leisure activities and excellent service from a courteous and well-trained staff: all the ingredients of a relaxing and memorable vacation in one destination! Take a stoll along their sandy boardwalk, swim in their crystal clear waters or simply marvel at the beauty of their golden sunset.

Owned by famed hairdresser Ricky Reyes, the beach resort was built on a 20-hectare property in Barangay Uno, Calatagan, said to be the marketplace for transient Chinese traders during the pre-Spanish era.

In 1958, during extensive diggings made by Robert Fox and National Museum personnel in the same place where the resort is now located, it yielded Chinese potteries, heirloom, and human relics indicating their stay in the area. The discoveries now known as the Calatagan diggings collection are kept today at the Ayala Museum.

"I bought this property which was left barren by that extensive archaeological diggings with no sign of life except for a lone tamarind tree in its middle. If not for the magnificent view of the Golden Sunset I would not have bought it," Ricky Reyes told the Bulletin.

But today, like the phoenix, the legendary bird, it rises from the ashes (wasteland and an abandoned fishpond) to become a prime tourist destination with all the facilities and amenities of a resort of international standard.

Very soon, in support of the medical and beauty tourism program of Tourism Secretary Ace Durano, the Golden Sunset Resort will put up an Operating Room (OR) to cater to the health and beauty needs of balikbayans, particularly from the United States.

Visit their website for more details

Calatagan is a 3rd class municipality in the Province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 51,544 people in 9,201 households.

The town comprises the Calatagan Peninsula between the South China Sea and Balayan Bay. The peninsula's near white sand beaches are popular vacation and leisure sites for Manila's rich and famous. There are several beach resorts including the art-filled guesthouse called Banak House Calatagan, others like the Ronco Beach Resort in Brgy. Bagong Silang, Playa Calatagan in Brgy. Sta. Ana, the Golden Sunset Resort in Brgy Uno, and Lago de Oro Resort where one can go wakeboarding, Villa Agustina, Nacua. These are well-known local places for relaxation and respite from all the week's work. Calatagan was formerly titled as the Forbes Park of the South, because of the rich families who owns their estates here not minding the bad road condition before, anyway they have their helipads for their helicopters to land on.

An extremely rare example of pre-Spanish Philippine script was found in Calatagan. The script is called Baybayin in Tagalog, and was derived from Javanese writing, which in turn is derived from Brahmi. This writing survives on an earthenware burial jar dated 1200s or 1300s.

source: wikipedia

The Philippine Marketing Association is an organization dedicated to the advancement of marketing as a profession and a service. Its activities are primarily directed towards the improvement of methods, techniques and practices in marketing.

Founded in January 27, 1954, the PMA is a non-stock non-profit association organized and incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. As PMA continues to grow, it spawns chapters especially in the provinces. One of its chapter was formed last August 2008, the Philippine Marketing Association- Batangas Chapter.

This Christmas season, PMA Batangas Chapter will be sponsoring an outreach program to the 260 families of Brgy. San Sebastian, Balete, Batangas. The program, scheduled on December 19, is the organization’s response in making a difference as we share our blessings to the less fortunate ones.

The PMA Batangas Chapter would like to seek for your generous response as we make this Christmas season more meaningful to our fellowmen. With your cash or in kind donations, we can add more smiles and hope to our fellow Batanggenyo's despite the different challenges faced by our country today.

Should you be interested to be part of this project, feel free to contact Ms Caroline Jicelle Katigbak at 0922-893-6500 . You can also send an email at for donation inquiries.

This announcement was originally posted by one of my friend in Facebook, Ms Caroline Katigbak. Let's support the activity and be generous enough to help our fellow Batanggenyo in need. Please tell other's about the activity.

I was surfing the net when I stumbled on this topic regarding the women of Mabini Batangas. According to the site, 12% of the population of Mabini are OFW’s. The figure is around 5000 most of which are women, roughly around 70%. Majority of them are working in Italy.

With this figure in mind, it’s enough for us to picture out that many of their families have only their father acting both as ilaw and haligi ng tahanan. It must be a hardtime for those children growing up without their mothers.

Poverty and unemployment drove them to leave their families behind. Even to the extent of leaving their children while taking care of others children. We can’t blame them for doing that. For sure it's a very difficulty decision for them. Their intentions are to give better living and to provide good education to their children.

Sa mga naiwan nilang pamilya, nawa’y pahalagahan nila ang paghihirap ng kanilang ina. Mabuhay tayong lahat na OFW. Sana’y dumating ang panahon na hindi na nating kailangan pang mag abroad para lamang kumita ng salapi.

Taal Batangas is known for making this special delicacy called the Tapang Taal. It is a marinated choice pork parts with basic soy sauce, kalamansi and enormous amount of garlic. In the OTOP website from the Department or Trade and Industry, tapa is listed as the Taal's main product. This is a proof of how successful the natives of Taal Batangas are producing tapa. Honestly, I haven't tasted a real tapang taal but if you will search the internet, you will find a lots of testimonies testifying how delicious this delicacy is. If youwill go to Taal Batangas, be sure you stop on their market and buy the famous tapang Taal.

Subli is the dance portion of a devotion performed in honor of the Mahal na Poong Santa Cruz, a large crucifix of anubing wood with the face of the sun in silver at the center. The icon was discovered in the early decades of Spanish rule in what is now the town of Alitagtag, Batangas. It is the patron of many towns in the area, notably the ancient town of Bauan, Batangas.

The subli consists of a long sequence of prayers in verse, songs, and dances, performed in a fixed sequence. The verse recounts the first journey of the early manunubli ( subli performer)through the fields, hills, and rivers of Batangas in search of the miraculous cross. Sections of verse are sung to a fixed punto or skeletal melody, which may be elaborated on in a different way by a different subli troupe.

About five of these punto are used in a complete subli performance. These sections may be divided further into various fixed dance patterns involving one, two or eight pairs of men and women. These numbers seem to be the norm in Bauan, although other towns may have formations involving three pairs at a time. The stances, gestures, and movements of the male dancers are freewheeling and dramatic, consisting of leaping, striking the ground with kalaste (wooden bamboo clappers held in both hands), and other movements suggesting the martial arts. The women circle on half-toe, performing the talik (small refined gestures with wrists and fingers), their fingers grazing the small-brimmed hats and alampay (triangular scarf worn loosely over the shoulder)that are the essential parts of their costume. They dance and sing, to the rhythm beaten out by a stick on the tugtugan, a goblet-shaped, footed drum of langka wood with a head made of iguana skin. -E.R. Mirano

According to Miguela "Mila" Maquimot, there once lived a couple in Dingin, Alitagtag. The husband was of the jealous type and a drunkard. The wife was the one who mainly did the work, one of which was fetching water from a well to the water jar wherein they drank water from. One time, the husband went home drunk and there was no water in the big water jar so the wife went to the well to get some.

By the well was wood from which sprung water. And on that wood, the woman noticed a naaginging doll. Because of this, many towns sought to get the wood but no one could lift it. So the people from Bauan, together with their parish priest, went to the well and looked at the doll. They sang and danced the subli, and were gladdened when they were able to lift the wood. They carved the wood into a saint. Their patron saint is Sta. Elena, but is referred to as Sta. Cruz.

The dancing of subli was passed on from their ancestors who were once subli dancers. They watched the performances of their elders veteran in dancing the subli. Afterward, the youngsters would gather and dance bit by bit until they learn the dance steps. And whenever they dance, they dance before their saint.

Ms. Maquimot was only 12 years old when she became a subli dancer. According to her, she and her co-dancers are no longer struck by stage fright whenever they dance the subli because they are already used to performing before an audience. She and her co-dancers were discovered on Batangas City Day, where they participated and won in a subli dance competition.

From then on, they have gone to many places to dance the subli, with the help of Ed Borbon, who was the organizer or manager of the group. As director of cultural affairs in Batangas, Borbon would contact Ms. Maquimot whenever there are occasions for them to dance in.

The group has danced at the Manila Hotel, Intramuros, Folk Arts Theater, Nayong Pilipino, Cultural Center of the Philippines, and even in places outside the Philippines. The group of Miguela Maquimot at Abdon Cruzat have gone to Washington, D.C. from June 21 to July 5 as representatives of the Philippines.

The Philippines was the only place that performed as an independent nation. The USA was represented by Wisconsin, while the Baltic nations were represented by Estonia, Latvia, at Lithuania.

During that period, they danced constantly. And on October 21, they danced again in Manila. They also dance in Batangas during the senior citizens day, Batangas Day and women's organization day.

Aside from that, they also teach subli in various schools including Sta. Teresa College, Lyceum and PBMIT.

They have attained various awards such as a plaque of appreciation from the CCP, trophies and certificates. Even those whom they have taught have also won first place in the subli competition back in July 25, 1995.

Many sulbi dancers begin learning subli at the age of 12, during the start of teen years when young girls and boys are not yet getting married and are merely at the stage of courtship. Subli is not mainly a courtship tradition, but courtship has become an element of the dance. The dance movements reflect the good actions and attitude that is expected of these young girls and boys as they grow into adulthood.

According to Ms. Maquimot, subli is a religious vow in exchange for blessings, such as the passing of board examinations or the healing of the sick.


In the heart of Batangas and just an easy 2-hour drive from Manila, lies Chateau Royale Sports & Country Club. Spanning 15 hectares of prime real estate, this hotel in Batangas offers a fine accommodation that will surely take you away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life.

Ideal for relaxation, retreats, team-building activities, weddings, seminars, and almost all business or leisure gatherings, Chateau Royale Hotel in Batangas lets you experience fun recreations while enjoying nature’s beauty and serenity.

Other hotels in Batangas, Philippines can only offer limited facilities to their guests. Chateau Royale, however, welcomes you to a world of endless possibilities.

Truly, Chateau Royale is much more than the average hotel in Batangas, Philippines. From the whimsical log cabins that let you experience the ultimate country-living style to the activity areas spread on fifteen hectares of resort property, Chateau Royale makes certain you and your family or friends get the best vacation ever.

A perfect getaway for an urban professional or a vacationing family, Chateau Royale hotel gives a Batangas accommodation that has lots to offer. No matter what the occasion is, rest assured that only Chateau Royal brings you a complete satisfaction among the many hotels in Batangas, Philippines.

The nature has set the mood to a relaxing treat for you. Walk through our Orchidarium and Organic Farm or take a horseback ride while enjoying the fresh, crisp air of our country club.

Pamper yourself with a massage in our spa or take a soothing dip in our pool or jacuzzi. Or you can always have a fun bonding experience with your family and friends with our recreation and amusement facilities such as billiards, wall climbing, paintball wars, and obstacle-course race.

Their function rooms and their Ballroom is an answer to your every need. Be it a corporate requirement or a social affair, Chateau Royale offers personalized service and delectable meals. Your meetings or workshops will be taken cared of. Your most important dates can be celebrated in a grandeur or intimate way.

All Chateau Royale rooms have:

* Air-conditioning
* Cable television
* Bathroom
* Complimentary bottle of mineral water in room
* Set Breakfast
* Telephone


* 1 Queen bed & 1 double decker; or
* 2 single beds & 1 double decker or
* 1 Queen bed & 2 single beds
* Queen-sized bed (2)
* Ideal for 4 persons
* Non-smoking rooms


* Studio-type
* 1 Queen Bed
* Ideal for 2 persons


* 1 bedroom
* 1 Queen bed & 1 single bed
* Balcony / Deck
* Receiving area
* Dining area
* Ideal for 3 persons


* 2 bedrooms
* 2 Queen beds
* Balcony / Deck
* 2 bathrooms
* Receiving area
* Dining area
* Ideal for 4 persons

For more information, visit their site

For those who are golf lover, there is one place in Batangas that you will surely enjoy to visit. Summit Point Golf and Residential Estate located in Lipa City. Aside from being a golf course, it is also developed as a residential estate. It has a first class country clubhouse and other amenities that you will like. With an elevation of 1,100 feet, the place known for its mild climate, breathtaking scenery, lush gardens, and a fresh, clean environment.

The place is located somewhere near between LIMA industrial complex and PKI manufacturing plant. If I am not mistaken, its located near Brgy San Lucas and Inosluban of Lipa City. From Manila, it is an hour ride.

I got this email from Mr Apol Apuntar of

TESTING CENTER: ST. BRIDGET COLLEGE, M.H. del Pilar St., Batangas City
ON OCTOBER 24 @ 8:00 A.M.

The conditions to qualify in the screening of the applicants to our free boarding high schools are the following. Please take note that if one of the following requirements is lacking the applicant will not be allowed to take the exam.

1.They must be between 12 to 15 years old by December 2009, have not studied high school.

2.They must have completed their elementary studies or presently enrolled in Grade VI.

3.They must come from poor families with monthly income of Php3,000.00 or below.

4.They have no brothers or sisters studying in any of our schools and/or graduate of our schools.

5.For elementary graduates they must have a general average of 80 percent or above on their final grades (Grade VI) and must present their original Grade VI cards during the qualifying test.

6.For those who are presently in Grade VI, they must secure certification from the Principal indicating that they are currently enrolled and have a general average of 80 percent on their latest grading period.

7.They must be accompanied by one of their parents or guardian on the day of the examination.

8.They must present their original birth certificate with 1x1 picture.

Kung maari po ay pakipasa sa mga public elementary schools o parish church diyan sa atin.

Binigyang parangal ng pamahalang panlalawigan ang mga natatanging pamilyang Batangueno sa isinagawang 12th Awarding ceremony na may temang “Maka Diyos Maka Tao- Ugaling Batangueno sa Pamilya simulan mo” na handog ng Huwarang Pamilyang Batangueno Foundation Inc. noong ika- 24 ng Setyembre 2009.

Naging pangunahing panauhin sa okasyong ito si Batangas Acting Governor Mark Leviste at Msgr. Fred Madlangbayan kung saan binigyan nila ng papuri at parangal ang mga natatanging Pamilya Ipinaabot ng mga ito ang kanilang paghanga at papuri sa kanilang dedikasyon na maging buo at katangi tangi ang kanilang mga pamilya.

“Tunay na kayo ay kahanga hanga , sapagkat sa pagiging huwarang pamilya at pagtataguyod ng mabuting relasyon at gawi, naisulong nyo ang inyong pamilya sa kinalalagyan ninyo at hindi kayo tumitigil na maging kabahagi at kaparte ng pag papaunlad n gating kumunidad at lipunan”

Nahirang bilang mga “Huwarang pamilya ang Pamilya nina Ginoo at Ginang Crispulo Quiniquini ng Nasugbu Batangas na Tumangap ng Plake ng pagkilala at P12,000 piso. 1st runner up ang pamilya nina Adelaido Viaro ng Bayan ng Tuy. 2nd runner up ang pamilya nina Antonio M. Reyes ng Mataas na Kahoy, 3rd Runner up ang pamilya ni Macario Catral ng Batangas City at 4th Runner up ang pamilya ni G. Florencio Mandanas ng bayan ng Tingloy.

Kasama din sa nahirang bilang mga “municipal huwarang pamilyang Batangueno” winners sina G. Jaime Levita ng Lipa City at G.Epitatacio at Editha Canatuan ng bayan Padre Garcia

Naging basehan sa pagpili ng Huwarang Pamilyang Batangueno ang magandang pagtataguyod ng pamilya at naging mabuting ehemplo sa kanyang pamayanan. Ang pagpili ay pinangunahan ng Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office sa pamumuno ni Jocelyn Montalbo, katuwang ang Huwarang Pamilyang Batangueno Foundation. - Edwin V. Zabarte


Located in Nasugbu, Batangas, Punta Fuego is the country’s pioneer in seaside luxury developments. Marrying the beauty of land and sea with the conveniences of modern facilities, our extensive lineup of recreational amenities, diverse dining outlets and personalized services will take you less than three hours from Manila yet worlds away from city life.

The place is inspired by Fisher Island in Miami, Club Punta Fuego’s world-class facilities are classified under three destinations: The Main Club at Peninsula de Punta Fuego boasts of an executive golf course designed by Nelson Haworth, 33 spacious casitas, restaurants, function rooms, a mini-theater, the Ylang Ylang Spa, and various types of recreational amenities including the signature double infinity pool. The Punta Fuego Yacht Club can accommodate 30 boats in its floating berths and 100 boats in dry dock. A clubhouse with locker rooms, a bar and a view deck provide sailors with much needed haven while others have a pick of different water sports activities available.

Peninsula de Punta Fuego (point of fire) is a flame-shaped land mass blessed with twelve (12) beach coves. Originally part of the Roxas family hacienda, historical accounts show the peninsula as the site of battle between the Spanish Galleon San Diego and the Dutch battleship Mauritius on December 14, 1600. The Main Clubhouse located on the western tip is the hub of activities for the Punta Fuego community.

Terraza's Beach Club. Set amidst a naturally lush, terraced landscape, Terrazas is a tropical jewel with an 800 meter stretch of fine sand considered to possess the best swimming beach in Batangas.

Punta Fuego Yacht Club. From an initial 13 boat parking slots at the North Marina, Punta Fuego expanded to the South Marina with 27 berths and 101 trailer parking to address the growing demand of its Members. The Marina Building contains the chart room, chandlery and fuel station.

Balaytigue, Nasugbu, Batangas
Tel. No: (043) 729-0180 to 82 ◊ Fax No: (043) 729-0001

Unit 1503, 15/F Corporate Center Bldg. 139 Valero St., Makati City
Tel Nos: (632) 751.4025 to 27 ◊ Fax No: (632)751.4028

Tel. No: (632) 843.8700 ◊ Fax No: (632) 887.6616

Last May of this year, I post a topic about the collections of Batanggenyo words. Since then, there are numerous comments and suggestions from other batanggenyo about other words that needs to be listed on the dictionary. On this post, I compiled them all and published once more. Enjoy!

alapaw - sakay
alid -tuyong dilis
alibadbad - asiwa
alpas - nakawala
amos -dumi sa mukha
ampiyas - ulang napasok sa bahay
angot - mabaho
anlalawa -gagamba
antak- atake ng sakit
apta- maliit na hipon
arak -mayabang
are -ito
arilyos - hikaw
asbad- palo
asbag -kabag
asbok -usok
awas -apaw
babag -away
bahaw- kaning malamig
baklay –sakla
balais - restless
balagwit - pagdadala ng mabibigat ng bagay gamit ang kawayan
balyina - kandila
banas - init
bang aw - asong ulol
balatong - munggos
banglian - buhusan ng mainit na tubig
balingusan- ibabaw ng ilong
balisbisan -gilid ng bahay
bangi - ihaw
bangkulit - asar
bangyaw -malaking langaw
bariles - dram
bargas – masama ang ugali
barik- inom ng alak
basaysay - bahay
bigtal- pilas
bilot - tuta
binangi - inihaw
bithay - salaan ng bigas o mais
botogs - gagamba
bulador - saranggola
bunite – tinapay na bilog parang monay
burabo – makapal na pulbo sa mukha
dag im - maitim na ulap, uulan
dag-is Ire
dinoldol - bibingkang yari sa mais
dulos - pandukal ng damo
galgal - pilyo
galpong - giniling na kape o bigas
garute - palo
gamas - pag-aalis ng damo
gambol - lamog
gapak - sumpong
gulok - itak
guyam – maliit langgam
halyas - tinadtad na puno ng saging
hambo ligo
hantik – malaking langgam
harok - hilik
hawot - tuyo
hibol – topak
himatlugin - antukin
hitad - talandi
hipi - hipan
huntahan - kwentuhan
ilaya - north
ibaba - south
ingli - kilos
kalamonding - kalamansi
kampit - kutsilyo
karibok - kagulo
kawang - hindi nakalapat
kawot - malaking sandok
kitse - tansan
kostal - sako
kumpay - damong inani pakain sa hayop
la aw - malakas na boses pag nag uusap
labangan - kainan ng mga biik
labon - laga
landang - may sinat
laseta - balisong
lawo - tuyong kawayan na ginagamit pandikit
liban -(mabilis) tawid
liban -(malumanay) hindi pumasok, absent
Ligawgaw - kiliti
ligwak - tapon ng likido
lilik karit
lintog - lapnos
liwat - salin
maanta - mabaho
mabagting - matibay
maligalig - iyakin
magkusi - magluto
maghikap - maggala
malaba - madapa
malandas - madulas
mamay - lolo
mautdo - maigsi
mulay - barya
mura - buko
mutaktak - alam
nabayakid - natapilok
nalaba - nadapa
naknak - nana
napangurngor - nadapa una ang nguso
nasanguyan - nasamid
olbo - kulungan ng baboy
pagat - habol
pagaw - malat
pagerper - kalapating mababa ang lipar
palte - palitan
panggang sobra ang pagka-ihaw
pangkal - tamad
panhik - akyat
pandalas - nagmamadali
panumbi - panuntok
papagayo - saranggola
parasko - bote ng kwatro kantos
patikad mabilis na takbo
pika – asar
pikloy – pantal
pinais – lutong binalot sa dahon
piral – pingot sa tenga
pinindot - ginataang bilo-bilo
pingga - gamit na pangbalagwit, made of bamboo
puluhan - hawakan
purunggo - basag na bote
putot - kulelat
sakol - kain nang nakakamay
salwal - short pants
sambalilo - sombrero
sampilong - mahinang sampal
sangkaka - matamis na bao
sanglay - ginataang malagkit
sereno - hamog
siit - malilit na kahoy gamit na pandikit ng apoy
sintores - dalandan
sumbi - suntok
suminsay - dumaan
sumping - head dress
sungaba - subasob
supok - sunog
sura - inis
takid - tisod
talpog - sunog
tambilong - natumba
tampalasan - aksaya
tangkal - kulungan ng manok
tangla - istambay
tapayan - banga ng tubig
tatyaw - batang tandang
tikin – mahabang kahoy na panungkit
tindagan - pantusok ng bar-b-que
tinghar - tihaya
tipay - butones
titisan - ash tray
tubal - maruming damit
tuklap - tanggal ang balat
tuklong - kapilya
tulyasi - malaking kawa
tungko - kalan
ungag - tanga
usbaw - istupido
utay-utay – dahan dahan
wasang - inis

Example Batanggenyo conversation:

Standard Tagalog: Nakita kong mabilis na tumakbo si Mang Kulas.
Batangas Tagalog: Namataan kong kumaripas ng takbo si Ka Kulas.

Standard: Iho, magkano ang bili mo sa iyong sombrero?
Batangas: Utoy, utoy, (always twice) gaano ang kuha mo sa iyong sambalilo?

Standard: Iha, anong oras na?
Batangas: Ineng, ineng, ano nang oras?

Standard: Mang Kulas, puede bang makautang ng kahit limang piso lamang?
Batangas: Ka Kulas, Ka Kulas, baka naman puedeng makautang ng kahit limang piso man laang.

Standard: Sa palagay ko'y nilanggam na ang asukal.
Batangas: Lasako'y ginuyam na ang repinado.

Standard: Ikaw ba'y bingi?
Batangas: Ikaw ga'y bingalot?

Standard: Bakit ba itong mga damit mo'y kung saan-saan nakasabit?
Batangas: Bakin ga areng iyong mga salapnot ay naghamaham?

Standard: Bakit ba ang tigas ng ulo mo?
Batangas: Pagkakasutil mo ga?

Standard: Si Mang Pedro ay nadukutan sa Maynila.
Batangas: Si Ka Idro ay natikasan sa Maynila.

Standard: Ang pitaka ni Mang Pedro ay nawala.
Batangas: Ang kwartamoneda ni Ka Idro ay nalipol.

Standard: Si Juan ay puntong Maynila na.
Batangas: Si Juan ay sawit na.

Standard: Ano bang oras kita gigisingin?
Batangas: Ano gang oras kita pupukawin.

Escape from Manila and take a leisurely two-hour drive to discover a new haven for the soul.

Imagine a place where you can find a deluxe resort, a leisure spa, and a grand pavilion amidst a lush mango orchard and magnificent mahogany trees.

Villa Crisanta Graden Resort has an enthralling garden of rare plants and startlingly colorful flowers. The resort offers a gentle balm to the weary spirit and a sensual delight to the jaded traveler.

Whether you are looking for a place to simply relax, swim and get a soothing massage amidst the sights and sounds of nature, or you are searching for an appropriate venue for a special celebration, Villa Crisanta is the right destination for you.

Visit the place for the most extraordinary leisure experience of your life.

Villa Crisanta Garden Resort is only 70km from the Alabang / Filinvest exit and is easily accessible from neighboring Lipa, Batangas and San Juan cities.

Driving directions:

1. Go to the South Luzon Express Way then take Batangas Exit.
2. After 7 kilometers, you will see Star Toll way to your right. Enter here.
3. From Star Toll way, take the Ibaan Exit.
4. From Ibaan, just follow the road to Ibaan town proper. You will see a church and a covered court. Turn left here.
5. Then take the right side of the Y-junction going towards Rosario town.
6. When you see Petron at the right and a Jose B. Zuno university marker, turn left then follow the road signs to Villa Crisanta.

For inquiries,

Call or text: Don, +63917-839-8821

I was scouring the net for any Batanggenyo related articles for my blog when I stumbled upon this page featuring a man named Ben Patron. Upon reading his profile, I was amazed on all his achievements, especially on the business side, setup in several parts of Batangas. Thus, creating jobs for many Batanggenyo. This blog is for this man, he have my salute as a fellow Batanggenyo.

Ben Patron was born in May 25, 1967 in Brgy. Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose Batangas. He was the eldest son of Mr. Victorino and Loreta Patron. As the eldest among his seven siblings, he started working at young age. He started selling pandesal and delivering copra while studying. Then he finished his high school in Fernando Air Base and college in 1978 having a Business Admin course.

He was born a businessman. Due to hardwork and high dreams, he started establishing a hardware shop, VR Patron Hardware Lumber & Construction Supply, in Taal Batangas last 1983. After several years, he opened another VR Patron Hardware in Atienza St., Lemery Batangas using a small rented space.

Three years after, he started Sahara Auto Supply in Lemery in 1995. Car accessories shop, San Rafael Car Accessories, was also established on same year in Caedo Batangas. On 1997, he established Sahara Batching Plant(concrete ready mix) in Taal Batangas.

January 1993 when he started VR Patron Builders & Developers and became active in road and building contractual job.

Sahara Tire Supply was then established in 1998, a distributor of Gajah Tunggal Tires in western part of Calabarzon region.

He started Sahara Malinis Shell gasoline station in Malinis, Lemery. Batangas Printing Corp was also added on 2002. On the same place, he also added VRP trucking and the Sahara Service Center.

It was August 2002 when he opened Valentino’s Hotel and Restaurant in Diversion Rd, Taal Batangas. On the next month, he opened another gasoline stationed named Snow Shell gasoline station in Balayan Batangas. The shop also have tire supply, service center and car accessories.

Ben also tried business not in line with his established business. He started the Stanford School of Batangas, a corporation consists of his business partners. Secondly, they started Metro Lemery Medical Center in Palnas Lemery Batangas.

On March 2007, he opened Silk Skin Derm Clinic franchise from Manila, with office on the 3rd floor of Metro Lemery Medical Center.

December 2006 he opened 830 Hardware, Construction & Supply in Brgy Malinis, Lemery.

March 2008 when he formally opened Valentino Resort & Spa in Pinagtung-ulan, San Jose Batangas.

Last June 2008, Balayan municipality formally transfer the management of Madonna Hospital under their newly established corporation.

As of now, there are around 500 employees of VR Patron and around 1000 employees during construction period. He assured that all his employees get proper care and benefits due to all of them.

Interesting Batanggenyo story. Hopefully someday I can sit with him having a cup of coffee and personally ask him about his secrets of success…..

For more information, visit his site

In the heart of Alitagtag, Batangas is a haven of relaxation, fun and beauty! Definitely a place for the whole family and friends will enjoy every minute of being there. A place they call Residencia de Riego Resort...

Residencia de Riego and Resort is the perfect place to have quality fun and time with your familly and friends. With their thematic colorful pools you will surely fall in love with what they have for you.

They can also be a venue for your special occassions, may it be birthdays, wedding recesptions, christening, debut, social functions, parties or even corporate seminars or team building. Residencia de Riego have fully air conditioned function halls and rooms designed for all your needs.

Residencia de Riego and Resort also has a first class restaurant that caters International and Filipino cuisine.

So wheter you want to have a vacation worth remembering, a special occassion you want to make it so special and memorable, or a business function with a taste of style, try Residencia de Riego and Resort!

Contact them at:

Residencia de Riego & Resort
Sitio Libis, Muzon II, Alitagtag, Batangas
For bookings and reservations, contact them at
09162718131 / 09178061073 / 09272639071
or email them at

For more details, visit their site at


1. Ala! Ang bata na nakagat ng guyam ay atungal na, bago ginalaw pa naman ng kapatid kaya lalong nag alma. Hanggang sa nagalit ang ina. Iyon, napag asbaran pa. Medyo naulaga yata, kaya kumaripas ng takbo at patikar na.

Mandin kay nagsungasob digat na harhar ang lulor. Banday kana ay ina, napaawa naman. Ang sabe'y "Siya parine at ikaw ay humambo muna at napakatubal na ng iyong salapot." Pinagsabihang "huwag kang magdadamusak at paldak na ang ating bang bang. Pagka ikaw ay napasal, kumain ka na at pig-an mo ng kalamunding ang hawot. Pagkatapos mong maghiso, ikaw ay papundo na laang at huwag kang a-adyo kung saan saan, at baka ka mag sungaba ay buringki ka."

Aba! Tilig nga naman ang bata. Bago maya maya ay panay na naman ang yaw yaw. At tutuong ipinagpapa arak 20 ang laruan. Ngay-oy nahili ang kapatid, hanggang sa nagkaribok. Ala! Di laang na namang nagarote. Ka antak din ng mga pangyayari.

Magara ga ire? Sa siya at akong magpapamulay pa at kailangang ko ng salapi.

Pagkatapos ng inyong hagalpakan, ala eh paki pasa na lang sa mga dugong ala eh.


Isang dukhang binatilyong Batangueno ang nakasaksak ng taga-Maynila sa town plaza nung kapistahan ng kanilang bayan. Sa Maynila ginanap ang hearing. Dahil mahirap lamang si Batangueno, at walang aral, mag-isa na lamang nagpunta sa Maynila. Nagpahatid na lamang sa bus terminal at lumuwas kahit wala siyang alam.

Sa korte:

Judge: "Iyo ngang isalaysay ang tunay na pangyayari:"

Batangueno: "Aba eh, ako ho'y paligor-ligor lamang sa plaza, yan ga namang hong salibuy-buyan nang salibuy-buyan ang mga tao, eh may isang timalog na babangla-bangla ay aking nasangge ng kaunti. Aba'y bigla ho akong nasampiga. Ala, yung dukot ko ho ng aking kampit, bigla kong sinakyod, inabot ko sa tagiliran, inuraol ko ng inuraol, di pangga-aw na ho.

Nagkaribok ngayo n ang mga tao, nangagsikamod ng takbo. Mga damit ho kung saan saan nasang-it, pinutot ko hong maigi, ah kung inabot ko pa uli'y siguradong tilhak sya sa akin."

Pinaulit ng Judge at yun uli ang sinabi. Sumuko na ang judge at hindi maintidihan kahit ilang ulit ang salaysay. Na-dismiss tuloy ang kaso.

In the early 1960's, there was massive infestation of the citrus plantation in Lipa and other Batangas towns. This led the entrepreneur farmers in these areas to shift to poultry and hog raising. The industry flourished except that after a few years, the prices of feeds rose to levels beyond the reach of the small scale growers. They knew then that unless an immediate solution is found, the industry will die a natural death. To prevent this from happening, a group of poultry raisers led by Eng'r. Claro R. Malleta agreed to organize a cooperative that will mill their own feeds and supply their own feed supplements. Thus, on April 09, 1970, the Lipa City Multi-Purpose Cooperative Marketing Association (LIMCOMA) was established with 77 incorporators and an authorized capital of P1 Million.

The Cooperative started operations by renting a rice mill for its feedmilling activities and selling on cash-on-delivery basis to customer-members. Through the efforts of Eng'r. Malleta, a 15-day credit line from suppliers of feed ingredients was obtained. After some time, the Cooperative, was able to acquire the mill site and started to buy its own feedmill machineries.

On April 20, 1992, Lipa City Multi-Purpose Marketing Association was changed to the now popularly-known name LIMCOMA MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE. After 34 years of operation, its membership has grown from 77 to 5,900 members. Its paid-up capital and assets rose from P57,000 to P91 Million and 561 Million, respectively . It now has an administration building, 4 warehouses, two (2) 1,800 tonner corn silos, a truckscale, a well-equipped quality control laboratory, an animal diagnostic laboratory, an artificial insemination laboratory, 4 major branches (including Main Office), 20 modified branches, a modest meat processing plant and rural banks (2). LIMCOMA is now operating a 30-ton per hour fully mechanized feedmill that produces 3,800 bags per 8-hour shift. This is the most modern and the first-of-its-kind in Batangas. Following the trend in feedmilling industry, Limcoma has likewise acquired a Pelleting Machine.

As LIMCOMA enters its 34th year, it continues to aim for the best quality products and services. New products are in store for development for a more complete and diversified cooperative that we intend to become. Short-term and long-term plans had been laid out to provide complete service to its members and foster professional development in the management of its affairs.

Limcoma may well be considered as the "Father of Feedmilling Business in Batangas" as it awakens the minds of our farmers to stand up from their long futility and compete with multi-national feedmillers. And through the years, Limcoma has functioned not only as a medium that continuously support the livelihood of its members but also as an organization that uphold programs which directly benefit the members and the community where it belongs which truly manifests its vision and mission statement.



Contact Details

LIMCOMA Multi-Purpose Cooperative
CYO St., Pag-asa Subd. Marulas Valenzuela City, Philippines
Phone: (+632) 293-1217

Here is the list of previous Batangas Governor's:

FELIX MA. ROXAS – of Manila, Military appointee, 1901 – 1902. Became Judge of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeals. He wrote Spanish newspaper El Debate between 1926 – 1936. Achievement: Pacification campaign. Also brought about good Filipino – American relations.

SIMEON M. LUZ - of Lipa, 1903 – 1904 (elected). Known for his friendship with the Americans. Very popular and influential. Achievement: Further improved Filipino – American relation through better education.

GREGORIO AGUILERO SOLIS – of Lipa, 1905 – 1907 (elected). Known as first in his province during his time for literary works. Was a poet in the Spanish language. A sugar planter of some magnitude, was rich and philanthropic. Achievements: Promoted agriculture and education.

JOSE LOZADA – Lipa (he came from Singalong, Manila) 1907 – 1908. A Medical practitioner. Achievement: He had long list but most prominent of them was the reduction of Cedulla Tax from P1.00 to P0.20.

GALICANO APACIBLE – of Balayan, 1908 – 1910 (elected). A contemporary of Rizal and the first governor elected by the town people. Was a propagandist against the Spanish misrule, medical practitioner, prominent and rich. Achievements: Checked banditry and promoted education and agriculture.

PABLO BORBON – of Batangas, Batangas. Was elected governor from 1910 – 1916. He became Congressman for Batangas and later court of First Instance, Judge of Tayabas (now Quezon) province. He died in full harness in the session hall. During his leadership, he maintained an almost complete peace in enhancing education which led to the naming of the local trade school in his honor.

NICOLAS GONZALES – Tanauan, 1916 – 1919 (elected). General of the revolution who stood in ground at Monte Gonzales Tagaytay Ridge, against the Spaniards. A marker in his honor was unveiled at Monte Gonzales, October 18, 1958. Achievements: Encouraged agriculture, enhanced education and with decisive disposition, checked banditry and cattle rustling.

BRAULIO DE VILLA – of San Juan, 1919 – 1922 (elected) Colonel of the Philippine revolution who ably commanded his “Banahaw Battalion” at Mt. Banahaw. With stern disposition but helpful and popular even in Tayabas (Quezon) province. Achievements: Encouraged agriculture and fairly contributed to the enhancement of education.

MODESTO CASTILLO – of Tanauan, 1922 – 1930 (elected). Suffered defeat in his initial attempt against de Villa, only to become the first governor of Batangas to attain a record of 9 straight years as elected provincial executive. Became again governor of Batangas, June 1946 to December 31, 1947 when appointed by President Roxas. Achievements: Encouraged agriculture, started construction of Batangas – Lobo road, constructed Bauan- Mabini road, the Nasugbu – Tagaytay and other roads, and built the Batangas Provincial Hospital.

VICENTE NOBLE – of Taal, 1930 – 1937 (elected) but for 1930 when appointed to carry on the last unserved year of the Governor Castillo who was appointed chief of the former Executive Bureau. Very prominent and influential leader. Achievements: Constructed the Lemery – Calaca diversion and other Batangas western towns. Led Batangas thru the 1933 economic crisis and even saved P68,000 at the end of the period.

VICENTE J. CAEDO – of Batangas 1938 – 1940 (elected). He was the youngest governor – elect in his time. Achievements: Constructed Quezon Memorial Stadium (destroyed during the war) and wings of the Provincial Hospital, and also the Batangas Boulevard (destroyed by flood).

MAXIMO M. MALVAR – of Sto. Tomas, Batangas, 1941 – 1945 (elected) except for the last carry – over two years. Known for his discipline in the government service. Achievement: Waded his provincemates with wisdom and courage thru the war, especially against the cruelty of the enemy.

COL. FORTUNATO BORBON – of Batangas, February 1945 – November 19, 1945 (appointed military governor). Was also credited as the first civil governor of Batangas on the restoration of the Philippine Commonwealth. Achievements: Helped reorganized the local government and constructed the Borbon Boulevard (Sta. Calra – Sta. Rita Danglayan).

VICENTE DEL ROSARIO – of Lipa, December 1945 – May 25, 1946, who appointed by President OsmeƱa. Experienced administrator having been former chief of the Executive Bureau. Achievement. Ran the government in the most economical way.

FELICIANO P. LEVISTE – of Malvar, January 1, 1948 to December 1, 1971 (elected). He is a friend of the downtrodden , the nemesis of the wicked, an indulgent and loving husband. He is the boss of his home. He is very human and loves to crack jokes. Father of Community Development.

ANTONIO CARPIO - He was elected from January 1, 1972 to February 17, 1972.

JOSE ANTONIO C. LEVISTE – of Malvar, February 18, 1972 to March 2, 1980. Assumed his post as Governor after the death of Governor Antonio Carpio. Achievements: Beautification of the Laurel Park, started different projects such as: waterworks project, Barangayan, Tree Planting, launched two unique projects: Mobile Library and Mobile Hospital, construction of roads and bridges.

JOSE C. LAUREL V – Man of action of Tanauan, Batangas, March 3, 1980 to February 1, 1988 (elected). Chosen one of the only two Filipino nominees to the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World awards presented at the 39th JCI World Congress in Montreal, for 1983 in the field pf public administration. Notable accomplishments: constructed the Provincial Dormitory and Multi- Purpose Building, constructed and rehabilitated roads and bridges and implemented the water saturation projects.

VICENTE A. MAYO – February 2, 1988 to June 30, 1995. During his leadership he honestly implemented the Local Government Code, actively participated in the implementation and sharing of the benefits in the Calabarzon, develop cooperatives and programs for agriculture and fishery and developed massive manpower and youth program. He also top the participation of private sectors as partners in development. Among his foremost economic programs and projects is the development and conversion of Batangas Port into an International Container Port.

HERMILANDO I. MANDANAS – July 1, 1995 to June 30, 2004 – He was a professor at the De La Salle University and business executive before actively involved in the Southern Tagalog Regional Council of the Philippine and is chairman of STRDC which is composed of 11 provinces. He is also Vice President of the Governor’s League (Luzon) and has honorary chairmanships of the Batangas chapters of Boy Scouts of the and United Way Philippines, Inc.

ARMANDO C. SANCHEZ – July 1, 2004 to June, 2007.

Tinapa is one of the local delicacy that can be found anywhere in the Philippines. In Batangas, we also have this delicious smoked fish. Fry it and served for a very good meal. I really miss this so much.

Lago de Oro Cable Ski Park and Resort is located in Brgy. Balibago, Calatagan Batangas. It's a 115 kms South West of Manila on the shore of the South China Sea and on Zobel highway just over 2 hours from Makati. This is an ideal getaway to seclude yourself from busy city.


* Waterski or wakeboarding by cable ski system
* Swimming in the pool or in the sea
* Walking/jogging around the ski lake (1 km)
* Playing volleyball/basketball
* Playing indoor games such as billiards, darts, cards and table tennis
* Reading books at our library
* Watching movies/sports/news by Dream satellite TV
* Relax and enjoy having massage using sandalwood oil & emu oil from Western Australia
* Enjoy while having your manicure/pedicure/foot spa
* Tour nearby places including sugar mill, sugar cane plantation, rice fields and more
* Play golf at Calatagan Golf Club (approx 5 kms away)
* Fishing in the sea or lake
* Rent a balsa and relax while having your lunch on the sea
* Rent a boat and see the coastlines natural beauty
* Collecting beautiful sea shells when its low tide
* Snorkelling
* Experience feeding sheep and lambs
* Watch the most spectacular sunset just in front of Lago
* Helicopter landing pad


* 38 hotel units with aircon, hot and cold water
* Restaurant and Bar where you can experience Northern Italian cuisine including pizza cooked in a proper wood burnt oven plus some of the best local “Seafood’s” such as fresh oysters (picked daily), clams, Prawns and more a variety of Filipino dishes
* Swimming pool with – Sauna – Spa bath
* Shop exclusive for “Australian Mt. Romance” (sandalwood, Emu oil and Larrikin range).
* Conference room, air-conditioned could accommodate 100 person max
* Company outing, Birthdays, weddings or any occasions up to 500 persons

Fore more info, visit their site HERE.

Anyone here who tried this special Batangas driedfish? This canno't be found easily in other place, because the fish which we call BIYA, only lives in a place like the Taal lake. Best cooked fried and roasted, with matching vinegar when served. One of the best from Batangas, try it when you go there.

Chocolate has been known to Filipinos' since the arrival of Spaniards. They brought cacao tree that time and taught local Filipino to cultivate and make it a chocolate.

In Batangas, where cacao tree is also cultivated, we also drink tsokolate. Aside from kapeng barako, this is an alternative for those serious drinkers. I remember before, we used to buy tabliya (chocolate made of cacao) in the market and use it for our tsokolate. Sometimes, we use tabliya for our delicious champorado.

These are some batanggenyo food that you'll surely love. Though found everywhere in our country, these foods are also found easily on every streets specially in city proper. These are butse or butse-butse, sagimis, banana cue and camote cue. Combined with palamig or local drinks with gulaman and sago served with varietis of colors, for sure your hunger will be satisfied.

Butse is made of camote inside. As for the orange cover, I don't know what it is. Best served while hot with a cold palamig.

Sagimis on the other hand is made of banana, wrapped with a wrapper and then fried in pan and mixed with sugar. Sometimes they put some coloring to make it reddish.

Camote Cue is fried slice camote with sugar on stick. Same with banana cue, mixed with sugar on the frying pan. I love the combo with black gulaman.

Now I miss Batangas....

At last, after a year online, Batanggenyong Online page rank is now promoted to PR3. I'm really glad I made it, thanks to all those avid readers and visitors that keeps on coming back for true Batanggenyo blog. This year, I will try to blog more for you guyz....

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page, used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references. The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element E is also called the PageRank of E and denoted by PR(E).

Several years ago, before big department stores like SM, Robinson and even Fiesta Mall in Lipa came to existence, batanggenyo's (from Lipa and near municipalities) only knew Tagumpay Mini Mart. Yes, that's right. For new batanggenyo's, maybe didn't know this establishment anymore. They have the options of going to big department store's right now, why bother visit this small and old building. But for old folks like me(not that old), I knew how important Tagumpay Mini Mart played in the development of Lipa.

Behind the old building lies thousands of stories about this establishment. Though old, it has been an icon in Batangas on its prime. I remember those days where almost all types of people from all over Lipa and nearby municipalities visit this place to do their grocery. On the top floor, there was even a refreshment parlor where we usually eat some pancit and halo-halo. On the ground floor, there was a VHS/Beta tapes rental while the ground floor have the school supplies. Entrance gate house a small store for selling cigarettes. We don't have any choice that time, Tagumpay is the biggest mini mart in Lipa City. Life is simple that time.

Now, it seems the building has been forgotten. People are not flocking there anymore to buy their groceries. I didn't enter the building the last time I went there, but for sure, lots of changes happen. Gone are the days that people of Lipa in all walks of life will go there to do shopping. Now it's like a casualty of modern Lipa that soon will be forgotten by many but not by those true Batanggenyo like me who witnessed it's days of glory.

"The Premiere Business and Leisure Boutique Hotel in the heart of Lipa City, Batangas."This hotel is located along Laurel Highway in Lipa City, just a few meters away from the City Hall if you are from Manila. SM Department Store is also a walking distance from its location, making it very accessible and convenient for your stay. It's been there since I was in elementary I guess, and that's make this hotel an icon in Lipa City.

I can't find much info about this hotel, but soon I will try to get some. Visit their site for booking and more info, click HOTEL LA CORONA DE LIPA.

Hotel La Corona de Lipa
Km. 84 Pres. JP Laurel Highway, Lipa City, Batanggas (across SM City Lipa)
Tel. No.: (043) 756-1223 / Fax. No.: (043) 756-6913

For inquiries on reservations, you may reach us through our contact information below:

Sales And Marketing Office
2/F Best Western Hotel La Corona
1166 M. H. Del Pilar corner Arquiza Streets,
Ermita, Manila
Tel. No.: 302-2810 / Fax. No.: 521-3909

(If you want to book on the hotel, tell them you got their info on this batanggenyo blog. They might give you a discount, though not guaranteed.....hehhehe)

I haven't found any article on the internet regarding this ALA EH shirt brand. But I'm sure, they are in this business for several years already. They are even the most common Batanggenyo shirt novelty that you can find easily inside or outside the mall. I remember last time wayback in 2001, I bought 3 pcs of their shirt for a hundred pesos only. Cheap right?....coz it's on sale...

Isla Verde is an island on the southern part of Batangas City, near the Mindoro Province. The place is know as a tourist getaway for vacation and other beach activities. It has the Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor and is known also as the center of marine shorefish diversity. Scuba Diving and snorkling are perfect on this place where you will see varieties of marine life.

Isla Verde is located at Sitio Subukin, Brgy. San Antonio, Isla Verde, Batangas City.

Batangas Dictionary