Saint Bridget College is a catholic education institution located in M.H. del Pilar Street, Batangas City, Province of Batangas, Philippines. Saint Bridget College is one the few major schools located Batangas City and throughout the Province of Batangas. The term Bridgetine refers to every Saint Bridget College's personnels including teachers and students.

The Religious of the Good Shepherd or RGS established the first Catholic School for girls in the Diocese of Lipa. This was in 1913, when the Most Reverend Joseph Petrelli, Bishop of the Diocese, asked the help of the RGS Sisters working in Rangoon, Burma to come to Batangas to start the first educational mission of the Church in his Diocese.The challenge to undertake this new mission was enthusiastically taken up by Mother Mary of St. Ligouri and her companions. Within a short span of time, more Sisters from the Mother House in France arrived. There were many difficulties in the beginning but the Irish and American Sisters who pioneered the task surmounted all these through their untiring sacrifices and the generosity of the people in the community.

For 34 years the educational program of Saint Bridget was confined to grade school and high school. In 1953 the Boys High School Department was established in answer to the insistent demands of parents who wanted their growing sons to be provided with a Catholic education.[2] His Excellency, the Most Reverend Alejandro Olalia, wholeheartedly endorsed this new department.

In 1980 the students of the Boys and Girls High School Departments were integrated into co-educational classes. The undertaking turned out to be a learning process for the administration, the faculty and the students themselves. It was an attempt to answer the students’ felt need to relate in an atmosphere of friendship, participative discovery and sharing of one’s capabilities, abilities and talents. The integration of the boys and the girls in the academic classes, supplemented with co-curricular and extra curricular activities help them grow and lead wholesome lives.

In 1998 sensitive to the rapid development of information technology, St. Bridget took up the challenge of integrating technology in the academic instructions familiarizing students from elementary to College with computers, computer know how, software programs, the internet, websites, presentation software etc.

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