Being a native of Batangas, I grew up on kapeng Barako. I remember those days when we have hot pandesal during breakfast and dipping it in a cup of coffee. During merienda time, coffee is also present with bread or other local delicacies like puto, sinukmani and kutsinta.

The coffee is prepared using a drip brewing device or by simply pouring hot water unto the grounds and filtering the mixture using a piece of cloth. Barako is best sweetened with honey or brown sugar. Barako can be used to make espresso and other espresso-based drinks.

Barako is not a common coffee variety, although it is abundant in Southeast Asia especially in the Philippines. It has the largest beans of all the coffee varieties. Its taste is said to be superior to Robusta, and most Filipino coffee drinkers prefer Barako to Arabica. The Arabica-Barako blend is a popular gourmet coffee. Barako is considered to be the best among Liberica species.

Kapeng Barako is our pride. It’s our identity that distinguish us from other places in the Philippines. "Ala eh, pagkasarap nare!"


Batangas Dictionary