ALL of us have a desire to get away from the city—the traffic of its roads, the polluted air, and the stresses that come with city living. This is why most people I know dream of having a weekend retreat, if they don’t already own one. Tagaytay, Baguio, Antipolo—wherever it may be, the change provides the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Hacienda San Benito, the most recent development of Milrose Realty, may be the perfect setting to do all of those.

Developed by Milrose Realty, Hacienda San Benito is in Lipa, Batangas, just two hours away from Manila. The main concept of the development is to fuse together the idea of a residential subdivision and a real working farm, creating a unique leisure-farming community.

Out of the 22-hectare property, 5 hectares are dedicated to Finca Central, or central farm, which is where all the amenities will be located. Unlike other integrated-farming communities with limited land, this generous open space will allow various kinds of farming, such as plantation crops, fruit trees, livestock, even aquaculture. The Finca Central will be an authentic, commercially integrated working farm that will be managed by a cooperative to ensure its viability and sustainability. This entitles landowners to shares of the cooperative’s proceeds apart from what they earn from their own backyard harvest. The Farm Management Group makes sure that residents benefit from what the farm produces without doing any actual work. This is a first of its kind in the Philippine real-estate scene.

Aside from the actual produce of the farm, there are also a number of amenities that both the homeowners and visitors can enjoy. There will be a Trading Post and a Farmer’s Market, which could cater to vibrant activities such as Sunday bazaars, concerts and small-community gatherings. The Terraza de Barako is a coffee shop that is surrounded by beautiful views of coffee plantations and Mount Malarayat. It is dedicated to the revival of the barako as one of the world’s best coffee varieties and, consequently, of Lipa as the coffee capital of the country. There will also be a Pizza Cabana, a specialty restaurant and salad bar. Surrounding it will be plantations of the actual ingredients used in the pizza, such as lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Kois will be imported from Niigata, Japan, and will be housed in Laguna de Oro, a koi-shaped lagoon. The central landmark of the whole development will be the Molino del Viento, a windmill doubling as a water tank. Of course, the typical features of a subdivision will also be present, such as swimming pools (The Cascadas), chapel (Capilla del Sagrado Corazon) and clubhouse (La Primavera).

The residential area will be divided into five districts, namely, Pueblo, Rancho, Hacienda, Vista and Rotunda. Leisure farms usually offer larger-cut lots, which make it difficult to maintain as a weekend home. In Hacienda San Benito, potential buyers are presented with lot cuts of different sizes, which give the buyers more freedom to choose what kind of lot will fit their needs.

With the combination of all of its features, Hacienda San Benito offers an idyllic environment for the weekend home that everyone dreams of. Because of its unique concept and its proximity to nature, residents will truly be able to relax and recharge while enjoying a haciendero lifestyle.

For inquiries and for those interested to tour Hacienda San Benito, call 772-4262 or 772-1697 local 109 and look for Rodney Sobong. You may also visit

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