History of Lipa City Colleges

Lipa Business School was founded by the late Ricardo and Marcela Bonilla in July 1947. Its humble origins began with classes attended in rented buildings along B. Morada Ave., Lipa City, adjacent to the old Lipa City Hall. The first total enrollment had a population of sixty-five (65) students comprising first and second years of the secondary course.

In answer to the growing population during the school year 1948-1949, the school had a daring decision to rent a bigger building not far from the former site. It has paved the way to offer complete Secondary Course and Collegiate Courses, such as Liberal Arts, Junior Moral Education, Commerce and One Year Collegiate Secretarial Course.

In line with the dedication and hard work of the late founder of the school, they relocated to a more spacious location with an existing edifice at G.A. Solis St., Lipa City, where the school is permanently housed. With a sincere intent to make the school be noteworthy in the cause of being the first to serve with three levels of education – elementary, secondary and tertiary – the name of the school was changed to Lipa City Colleges on its third year of operation. Incidentally, the College of Law was opened. Successes were reaped year after year with the increasing population.

The cause to serve the people in the City of Lipa and adjacent towns through quality education continued the succeeding years of the school's existence. In line with its expansion, the school has acquired adjoining lots where four (4) concrete buildings, the frontal one of five-storey and the three others on all sides on 4-storey. In this present day, it has more than three thousand (3000) students and is introducing new courses in the field of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Criminology.

Today, Lipa City Colleges is headed by Mr. Carlos Mojares, the son-in-law of the late founder assisted by his wife, Mrs. Glecy B. Mojares, their daughters, Mrs. Marjorie M. Abiera, Vice-President for Finance and Internal Affairs, Beverly B. Mendoza as Vice-President for External Affairs, and son-in-law Mr. Joe Vincent J. Abiera, Vice-President for Administration and Corporate Affairs and Mr. Patrick D. Mendoza as Vice-President for General Services.


Lipa City Colleges is a dynamic provider of quality education. In the spirit of commitment, excellence and service, the institution forms responsible and competent individuals who participate meaningfully in social transformation.


Inspired by our vision, Lipa City Colleges will become a leading institution in the region recognized for the quality of its programs and services. With its corps of professionally qualified and committed personnel, up-to-date technology and functional facilities, the institution offers responsive and innovative programs that integrate theory and practice for the holistic development of men and women in the service of God and country.

Curricular Offerings

Graduate Courses
* Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)
*Major in Educational Management

Four-Year Courses
*Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
*Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED)
***Major in Science and Health
***Major in English
***Major in Mathematics
*Bachelor of Secondary Education (BEED)
***Major in General Science
***Major in English
***Major in Filipino
***Major in Mathematics
*Bachelor of Arts (AB)
***Major in English
*Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)
*Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)
*Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC)
***Major in Business Management
***Major in Banking and Finance
***Major in Financial Management
*Bachelor of Science in Criminology Education (BSCrim)
*Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM)
***Major in Tourism and HRM

Two-Year Courses
*Associate in Computer Technology (ACT)
*Associate in Computer Science (ACS)
*Certificate in Computer Technician (CCT)
*Associate in Health Science Education (AHSE)

Short Courses (New)
*Diploma in Internet Technology
*Diploma in MS Windows & Office Technology

*Day and Night Sessions

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