Several years ago, before big department stores like SM, Robinson and even Fiesta Mall in Lipa came to existence, batanggenyo's (from Lipa and near municipalities) only knew Tagumpay Mini Mart. Yes, that's right. For new batanggenyo's, maybe didn't know this establishment anymore. They have the options of going to big department store's right now, why bother visit this small and old building. But for old folks like me(not that old), I knew how important Tagumpay Mini Mart played in the development of Lipa.

Behind the old building lies thousands of stories about this establishment. Though old, it has been an icon in Batangas on its prime. I remember those days where almost all types of people from all over Lipa and nearby municipalities visit this place to do their grocery. On the top floor, there was even a refreshment parlor where we usually eat some pancit and halo-halo. On the ground floor, there was a VHS/Beta tapes rental while the ground floor have the school supplies. Entrance gate house a small store for selling cigarettes. We don't have any choice that time, Tagumpay is the biggest mini mart in Lipa City. Life is simple that time.

Now, it seems the building has been forgotten. People are not flocking there anymore to buy their groceries. I didn't enter the building the last time I went there, but for sure, lots of changes happen. Gone are the days that people of Lipa in all walks of life will go there to do shopping. Now it's like a casualty of modern Lipa that soon will be forgotten by many but not by those true Batanggenyo like me who witnessed it's days of glory.


  1. Aryanne  

    March 14, 2010 at 9:34 AM

    naalala ko pa to.. kumakain pa kami ng pinsan ko ng halo-halo dyan sa Tagumpay mini-mart.. that was 90's

    good old days :)

  2. batanggenyo  

    March 14, 2010 at 5:18 PM

    yes indeed, good all days. but i'm glad i witnessed the simplicity of life that we had before in Lipa.

  3. Anonymous  

    March 19, 2016 at 7:37 PM

    Due to emerging businesses in Lipa City, the marketing strategy of Tagumpay Mini Mart had gone a little ineffective. But it stood strong. Loyal buyers are still going back to this merchandising entity. So I decided to create a marketing plan for it as a fulfillment of my requirements in my subject. I miss the memories. :)

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