Here is the list of previous Batangas Governor's:

FELIX MA. ROXAS – of Manila, Military appointee, 1901 – 1902. Became Judge of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeals. He wrote Spanish newspaper El Debate between 1926 – 1936. Achievement: Pacification campaign. Also brought about good Filipino – American relations.

SIMEON M. LUZ - of Lipa, 1903 – 1904 (elected). Known for his friendship with the Americans. Very popular and influential. Achievement: Further improved Filipino – American relation through better education.

GREGORIO AGUILERO SOLIS – of Lipa, 1905 – 1907 (elected). Known as first in his province during his time for literary works. Was a poet in the Spanish language. A sugar planter of some magnitude, was rich and philanthropic. Achievements: Promoted agriculture and education.

JOSE LOZADA – Lipa (he came from Singalong, Manila) 1907 – 1908. A Medical practitioner. Achievement: He had long list but most prominent of them was the reduction of Cedulla Tax from P1.00 to P0.20.

GALICANO APACIBLE – of Balayan, 1908 – 1910 (elected). A contemporary of Rizal and the first governor elected by the town people. Was a propagandist against the Spanish misrule, medical practitioner, prominent and rich. Achievements: Checked banditry and promoted education and agriculture.

PABLO BORBON – of Batangas, Batangas. Was elected governor from 1910 – 1916. He became Congressman for Batangas and later court of First Instance, Judge of Tayabas (now Quezon) province. He died in full harness in the session hall. During his leadership, he maintained an almost complete peace in enhancing education which led to the naming of the local trade school in his honor.

NICOLAS GONZALES – Tanauan, 1916 – 1919 (elected). General of the revolution who stood in ground at Monte Gonzales Tagaytay Ridge, against the Spaniards. A marker in his honor was unveiled at Monte Gonzales, October 18, 1958. Achievements: Encouraged agriculture, enhanced education and with decisive disposition, checked banditry and cattle rustling.

BRAULIO DE VILLA – of San Juan, 1919 – 1922 (elected) Colonel of the Philippine revolution who ably commanded his “Banahaw Battalion” at Mt. Banahaw. With stern disposition but helpful and popular even in Tayabas (Quezon) province. Achievements: Encouraged agriculture and fairly contributed to the enhancement of education.

MODESTO CASTILLO – of Tanauan, 1922 – 1930 (elected). Suffered defeat in his initial attempt against de Villa, only to become the first governor of Batangas to attain a record of 9 straight years as elected provincial executive. Became again governor of Batangas, June 1946 to December 31, 1947 when appointed by President Roxas. Achievements: Encouraged agriculture, started construction of Batangas – Lobo road, constructed Bauan- Mabini road, the Nasugbu – Tagaytay and other roads, and built the Batangas Provincial Hospital.

VICENTE NOBLE – of Taal, 1930 – 1937 (elected) but for 1930 when appointed to carry on the last unserved year of the Governor Castillo who was appointed chief of the former Executive Bureau. Very prominent and influential leader. Achievements: Constructed the Lemery – Calaca diversion and other Batangas western towns. Led Batangas thru the 1933 economic crisis and even saved P68,000 at the end of the period.

VICENTE J. CAEDO – of Batangas 1938 – 1940 (elected). He was the youngest governor – elect in his time. Achievements: Constructed Quezon Memorial Stadium (destroyed during the war) and wings of the Provincial Hospital, and also the Batangas Boulevard (destroyed by flood).

MAXIMO M. MALVAR – of Sto. Tomas, Batangas, 1941 – 1945 (elected) except for the last carry – over two years. Known for his discipline in the government service. Achievement: Waded his provincemates with wisdom and courage thru the war, especially against the cruelty of the enemy.

COL. FORTUNATO BORBON – of Batangas, February 1945 – November 19, 1945 (appointed military governor). Was also credited as the first civil governor of Batangas on the restoration of the Philippine Commonwealth. Achievements: Helped reorganized the local government and constructed the Borbon Boulevard (Sta. Calra – Sta. Rita Danglayan).

VICENTE DEL ROSARIO – of Lipa, December 1945 – May 25, 1946, who appointed by President Osmeña. Experienced administrator having been former chief of the Executive Bureau. Achievement. Ran the government in the most economical way.

FELICIANO P. LEVISTE – of Malvar, January 1, 1948 to December 1, 1971 (elected). He is a friend of the downtrodden , the nemesis of the wicked, an indulgent and loving husband. He is the boss of his home. He is very human and loves to crack jokes. Father of Community Development.

ANTONIO CARPIO - He was elected from January 1, 1972 to February 17, 1972.

JOSE ANTONIO C. LEVISTE – of Malvar, February 18, 1972 to March 2, 1980. Assumed his post as Governor after the death of Governor Antonio Carpio. Achievements: Beautification of the Laurel Park, started different projects such as: waterworks project, Barangayan, Tree Planting, launched two unique projects: Mobile Library and Mobile Hospital, construction of roads and bridges.

JOSE C. LAUREL V – Man of action of Tanauan, Batangas, March 3, 1980 to February 1, 1988 (elected). Chosen one of the only two Filipino nominees to the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World awards presented at the 39th JCI World Congress in Montreal, for 1983 in the field pf public administration. Notable accomplishments: constructed the Provincial Dormitory and Multi- Purpose Building, constructed and rehabilitated roads and bridges and implemented the water saturation projects.

VICENTE A. MAYO – February 2, 1988 to June 30, 1995. During his leadership he honestly implemented the Local Government Code, actively participated in the implementation and sharing of the benefits in the Calabarzon, develop cooperatives and programs for agriculture and fishery and developed massive manpower and youth program. He also top the participation of private sectors as partners in development. Among his foremost economic programs and projects is the development and conversion of Batangas Port into an International Container Port.

HERMILANDO I. MANDANAS – July 1, 1995 to June 30, 2004 – He was a professor at the De La Salle University and business executive before actively involved in the Southern Tagalog Regional Council of the Philippine and is chairman of STRDC which is composed of 11 provinces. He is also Vice President of the Governor’s League (Luzon) and has honorary chairmanships of the Batangas chapters of Boy Scouts of the and United Way Philippines, Inc.

ARMANDO C. SANCHEZ – July 1, 2004 to June, 2007.


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