I was surfing the net when I stumbled on this topic regarding the women of Mabini Batangas. According to the site, 12% of the population of Mabini are OFW’s. The figure is around 5000 most of which are women, roughly around 70%. Majority of them are working in Italy.

With this figure in mind, it’s enough for us to picture out that many of their families have only their father acting both as ilaw and haligi ng tahanan. It must be a hardtime for those children growing up without their mothers.

Poverty and unemployment drove them to leave their families behind. Even to the extent of leaving their children while taking care of others children. We can’t blame them for doing that. For sure it's a very difficulty decision for them. Their intentions are to give better living and to provide good education to their children.

Sa mga naiwan nilang pamilya, nawa’y pahalagahan nila ang paghihirap ng kanilang ina. Mabuhay tayong lahat na OFW. Sana’y dumating ang panahon na hindi na nating kailangan pang mag abroad para lamang kumita ng salapi.


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