One of the most common tree you can find in Batangas is the Madre de Cacao tree or commonly known in our language as "marikakaw". This tree adapts easily to the temperature of Batangas, as well as the soil contents and nutrients. The tree is very useful in various things, especially it's branches.

Marikakaw tree usually grew up straight, so big tree's are ideal for a house pillar. Those who are orchid lovers also know that most of the woods used in their orchids, with a concrete cement stand, is marikakaw. Smaller trees and branches are mainly called "urang" in our Batanggenyo dialect. It is used mainly for firewood in bakeries and other similar establishments that uses it. And for those not so big branches, it's used mostly for vine plants like beans. I remember my uncle always putting one in every "sitaw" he planted. The vine plant use the marikakaw branch for growing upward.

This tree is truly connected and plays a very important role to a Batanggenyo like me.


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    this is a good nitrogen source, so good for your compost, being a legume. Ruminants eat this too! To get more info please visit

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