WESTMEAD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is established to provide exemplary education and training to both local and foreign students. Its focus is to produce graduates who will excel in their chosen fields and rise to the challenges of an emergent globalized society.

Westmead International School envisions to be an internationally recognized premier institution which values the pursuit of truth, the freedom of inquiry, and the expansion of knowledge in the services of humanity, through learning.

The school’s main campus is located in Gulod West, Batangas City. The city is classified as one of the fastest urbanizing cities in the country today. Westmead is at the heart of industrializing city center and is about 115 kilometers south of Manila.

Westmead offers a full range of courses, from preparatory school to college level. Short-term programs are also offered under the Technical-Vocational Department.

Westmead International (WIS) is a private-stock corporation founded in 2004. It is committed to the fulfillment of Higher Education thrusts such as (1) quality and excellence, (2) access and equity, (3) relevance and responsiveness, and (4) efficiency and effectiveness, which are the key indicators of development in the education sector.

Westmead IS aims to offer service oriented, quality, and relevant education at all levels. Further, the school aims to produce intelligent and responsible graduates who will pride themselves with adequate knowledge, skills, and attitude competing locally and globally among other graduates. WIS education is geared towards the full consummation of the talents and potentials of the Filipino in the task of nation-building.


  1. Daniel Lee  

    July 18, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    Don't go near it. they are not accreditated as they claim. Also owner was kicked out of the Batangas State University for corruption. Speaks for itself. To see more info please visit http://essayswriters.org/dissertation/.

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