Rosario is one of the municipality of Batangas. Rice is the major crops planted in the municipality that’s why it is also called as the “Rice Granary of Batangas”.

This year they celebrated their 322nd founding anniversary with “sinukmani”, a local rice delicacy as the center of attraction. Sinukmani Festival is held every 9th of June to commemorate the especial day. No wonder they choose sinukmani as their pride and highlight festival, considering that they produces rice for the region. Local residents of around 200 establishments were able to make 462 meters of sinukmani stretching on the street. On top of this rice delicacy are peanuts, marshmallows, crispy rice and coconut shavings.

The celebration was celebrated successfully this year with the participation of all its barangays. Dance competition was held in the plaza with 15 participants coming from different municipalities and schools. Each participants were clad in costumes made of rice sacks, bilao and wooven mats.

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  1. lakan  

    August 4, 2011 at 3:00 PM

    Tuwing kailan ga ho are? Parang kasarap pumunta.

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