Bulanglang is truly one of Batanggenyo's favorite food. It is a mix of several vegetables that can be planted in the backyard. These includes various types of beans, leafy vegetables, squash, lady finger, eggplant and other vegetables that they have. Since Batangas is an agricultural province, most of the folks are a true farmer, utilizing the plot of land that they have. Sometimes, beans are even planted along the road side.


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    I did not grow up on this dish,but I really like it. I married a Batanggenyo and his mom made this til the day she passed away.The only regret I have is not being able to taste this the way my husband's family describes it. They grew their own vegetables in their backyards back in Tanauan and they said that the freshness or "bagong-pitas" quality makes it 10X better.

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