Lipa City Batangas is known as top producer of coffee way back during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. It is this status that made Lipa a city. Coffee is still the major crops planted and traded in the city. Though the production is not as big as before, Lipa still provides quality coffee to its drinking patrons. 

The province is also a home for a wild civet cat, locally know as alamid. Before, farmers used to kill the cat because they eat the coffee beans, especially the ripe one. Until the discovery of the most priced coffee out from the poo of the civet cat. It became known worldwide because of its unique taste. A cup of this coffee even priced as high as $50.

Civet cats are nocturnal animals that use their sense of smell to pick the ripest coffee cherries. They eat the outer shells of the coffee cherries. Their bodies can't fully digest the coffee cherries, but as the beans pass through the civet cat's digestive tract, the enzymes and acids involved in their digestion process affect the beans, giving the coffee beans a distinct new flavor.

 In Brgy. Sto. Nino in Lipa city, there is a cooperative who deals with this lucrative business of gathering civet cat poo, processing them and selling as coffee. They are the Malarayat Coffee Farmers and Consumer Cooperative. They currently have more than 50 members who are helping on their venture.

 They are in partner with Alamid CafĂ© Xpress who directly buy their coffee produce which the company sell locally on their shop or export worldwide.


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    I wanna see this cat in front of me,will visit there soon! :)

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